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Transfer Students

Learn more about Transfer Students and how they are supported by UC San Diego.

Defining the Population

A transfer student is a student who has enrolled in a regular session at a college or university after
high school - University of California Admissions

Types of transfer students can range from the following:

  • California Community College students with junior status 
  • Limited status students 
    Frequently known as a non-degree seeking student
  • Lower division transfers 
    Students who are admitted into a campus before reaching junior status.
  • Second baccalaureate seeking students 
    College graduates who wish to obtain a second bachelor's degree in a different major from their first degree.
  • Transfers from a 4-year or out of state 2-year institution 
  • Former and current UC students
    Students returning to the same UC campus or transferring to a different UC campus 


  • California Community College Students wtih Junior Status make up 90% of the UC Systems transfer class. 
  • UC San Diego's transfer students make up:
    • 33% of the undergraduate population
    • 21% of international students
    • 90% of veteran students
     42% Are First-Generation Students
     17% Are Non Resdiential Students (Domestic & International)
     51% Feel Valued at UC San Diego
     46% Commute to Campus
     26% Have Work Commitments
     28% Have Family Comittments
     18% Expereince Food Security

Best Practices to Support Transfer Students

Familiarize yourself with the Transfer Ally One-Pager PDF to better understand transfer students and the stresses that they face. 

Take the Ally Training to better assist transfer students 

Visit Triton Transfers for more information on transfer students 

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