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About Student Retention and Success

UC San Diego students celebrate in cap and gown at commencement (June 2017)

Who We Are

Our Mission: Empower and support students in their academic, personal, and professional growth through collaborative facilitation of programs and services that disrupt systemic equity gaps.

Our Vision: Strive to create inclusive, diverse, caring, and identity-conscious programs to meet students
throughout their pursuit of exploring and curating their own definitions of success.

Our Values:

Advocacy: SRS recognizes systemic inequities and advocates for all students to have
access to a high quality education regardless of background. SRS will advocate for
support, funding, and resources to reflect the needs and voices of historically
underrepresented and underserved students.

Equitable Access: Access to services and resources must be equitable and intentional in
eliminating barriers to providing student support. SRS works to create a campus
environment where every student has access to resources and holistic support to reach
their full potential.

Belonging: Through the lens of inclusivity, SRS is committed to creating environments
and services that foster a strong sense of belonging for all students, especially for those
who have been historically underserved. SRS does this by providing opportunities for
students to make connections and build community with staff, faculty, and one another.

Collaboration: SRS depends on the collective work of campus and community partners.
Mindful, considerate, and equitable collaboration that centers students is essential.

Accountability: In executing our work, we hold ourselves accountable to the goals and
commitments outlined in our strategic plan which centers the needs of students. SRS
does this through holistic assessment efforts and by creating opportunities to receive
feedback directly from students, staff, and faculty.

Our Team

Our leadership team consists of experienced individuals dedicated to helping UC San Diego students succeed.

Meet Our Team

Our Programs

Learn about the different organizations and departments that Student Retention and Success lead.

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What We Do

Goal #1 of UC San Diego’s strategic plan is to deliver an educational and overall experience that develops students who are capable of solving problems, leading, and innovating in a diverse and interconnected world. Student Retention and Success contributes to this goal through three strategies:

  • Provide coordinated and comprehensive academic, professional, and career advising across all colleges, departments, and units.
  • Rethink curriculum and pedagogy to improve retention and graduation rates and increase student and faculty engagement.
  • Strengthen the connection between academic and high-impact co-curricular experiences.