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Triton Firsts Events

Join the Triton Firsts community at an upcoming event, and find a list of past events.



2019 - 2020 Past Events

Career Readiness Conference

Click here for a summary and overview of the conference.

National First-Gen Day 2019



First-Gen Welcome Social 2019

2018 - 2019 Past Events

Spring 2019 Triton Firsts Event

Winter 2019 Triton Firsts Event 

First Gen Inspires


2018 National First-Generation Day

On November 8, 2018, UC San Diego’s first-generation community Triton Firsts  came together for this historic all-campus photo to celebrate National First Generation Celebration Day commemorating the 53rd anniversary of the Higher Education Act, paving the way for many first-generation college students to earn their degrees.


First-Gen Welcome Social 2018

UC San Diego's Triton Firsts hosted the first day ever First-Gen Social, welcoming new and returning first generation college students. Through this event students were able to meet and connect with other first-generation college students, faculty and staff.